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I’ve always seen myself as a well travelled, openminded guy but found myself spending time in a Buddhist Tibetan Society within a very remote valley where people thought and did things very differently to me. Things don’t happen just in a minute. Our slogan became “nothing is fixed”, reflecting how plans often suddenly changed. 

Education is different due to the religious nature of the society, while the kids’ minds and backgrounds are immensely deep and different to each others’ our ours. As a non-religious person, seeing and experiencing that soon left me slapping my face and realising they were more openminded than I was. I learned to live in their lives, and though there were disagreements in how to run some stuff, when working with such gentle and openminded people, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, can be talked through and discussed.....

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Testimonial from Alberto Bohua (October - December 2016)

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To apply to volunteer at the school please fill in the  application form  or  contact us  if you have any questions.

Local scenery - 2-3 hour walk from the school

Rolwaling Monastery School, Near Beding Village, Dolakha District, Nepal.

Primary (grades 1-4)

11 - 18

Average 10 children to a class

English Teacher

Not compulsory; opportunities to be involved with the children out of school hours.

Basic accommodation will be provided at the school

Volunteering is free but donations to support the school are welcome.

Food, accommodation, airport pick up if required, help arranging trekking to the school

Flights, visa costs, spending money, insurance, trekking costs to reach the school

Minimum 6 weeks

Flexible; Please contact us to discuss

Volunteering in Rolwaling is likely to be very different to conditions you are used to. The following information is aimed at helping you be as prepared as possible for your visit to help adapt when you get there.

Rolwaling is a stunningly beautiful, culturally rich and spiritual valley up near the Tibetan border in Dolakha District, Nepal. It is very remote, requiring a 10 hour bus or jeep journey from Kathmandu, followed by a three day walk through mountainous terrain to get there. 

For this reason, living conditions are extremely basic and potentially difficult. There are no showers or sinks for washing and outdoor squat toilets are used instead of the western style you are probably used to. Basic solar power is used for electricity, while wood fires provide the heat for cooking. There is currently no mobile phone signal or internet and no television, heating or washing machines for clothes. The weather can be very cold in the late afternoon, evening, night time and early morning and very wet in the monsoon months (July & August). 

Despite potential difficulties, many find this more basic way of living a very refreshing and liberating experience, bringing with it an appreciation of the things that make our relatively more modern lives easier and which we often take for granted. 

The solar system is powerful enough for you to charge electronic devices so you can take a music player, e-reader etc which we highly recommend to help pass the time when you're not working. There are also plans to install a hot water tank for showers, a more powerful solar power system and mobile phone signal. We will provide updates as these happen.

Being in such a culturally rich environment where the students learn Tibetan Language and Buddhist Philosophy alongside their standard curriculum of Nepalese, English and Maths, you will also have the opportunity to learn more about their way of living and attend events at the local monastery if you wish as well as exploring other places in the valley on your days off.

You can read more detailed information about how to get to Rolwaling and what to expect when you are there in our volunteer information pack.

School kitchen

Check out our video - A day in Rolwaling Monastery School

Alberto (a previous volunteer) with one of the teachers and some of the students.

Spending your time as a volunteer teacher living and working in Rolwaling is a great way to spend your gap year or career break. This incredible opportunity can provide invaluable work and life experience to those happy living and working in a remote tibetan buddhist Himalayan valley while benefitting the school and its students in more ways than you can imagine.

We don’t require a TEFL qualification or previous training, just a willingness and enthusiasm to follow our English teaching programme based on a comprehension and grammar book whilst having the ability to converse with the children in fluent English.