Trekking in Rolwaling valley will take you on an exhilarating adventure along and across stunning rivers and waterfalls, climbing rough stone staircases, passing through meadows of crops, entering steep valleys flanked with rhododendrons (blooming in May and June) and visiting villages and small settlements all away from the crowded trekking routes and under the gaze of the high mountains.

Trekking in Rolwaling Valley

Typical Itinerary

Home to the Sherpas, the Rolwaling Valley known as a ‘beyul’ or ‘hidden valley’ is located between Langtang to the west and Solu Khumbu to the East, on the border with Tibet. This secluded valley was only opened to trekkers as recently as 2008. It remains relatively untouched, with ancient villages and Buddhist monasteries waiting to be explored. 

Each day you will walk between 4–8 hours, with the high point of the trek being 4,200m or higher depending how close to the head of the valley you reach. There are tea houses available along the route for sleeping and eating. As Rolwaling Valley is very undeveloped, the facilities will be somewhat rudimentary and you can expect to eat similar food to the locals (Dal Bhat, Chapatis, noodle soup). If you are not prepared to 'rough it' a little bit, then this trek is probably not the one for you!

The trip starts with a flight to Kathmandu, where you'll spend an afternoon arranging permits and exploring the city before a six hour drive to Gongar Kholar/Chet Chet the next day. 

The first day of trekking crosses a roaring glacial river by swing bridge before climbing steps to Simigoan, a charming village with beautiful views. Following a rest day in Simgoan you continue to gain height as you pass through rhododendron forests on your way to Kyalje, spending the rest of the day on the river’s edge. 

From there the valley widens with stunning views as you enter Rolwaling Valley following the serene river all the way to Beding, the main settlement for the nomadic Rolwaling people. After a rest day in Beding exploring the surroundings if you wish, you continue to climb to Na, a high plateau surrounded by towering peaks and summer settlement for the local people where their crops grow and animals graze from approximately April to October/November each year. 

From Na you can explore the local religious sites if you wish, taking in the ancient culture of the area. The following day you will walk to the famous Tso Rolpa glacial lake surrounded by towering snow capped himalayan mountain peaks. From here you will spend the remaining days trekking back to Kathmandu with a sight seeing tour in the city prior to your departure.

As this is a charity trek 15% of the cost of your trek will be donated to the Rolwaling community to assist their social projects.

The area has been declared safe for trekking by the Nepalese government.

Why visit Rolwaling?

With few visitors, the Rolwaling Valley is relatively untouched and has its own unique culture. Stunning rivers, towering mountain peaks, friendly local people. Powerful buddhist pilgrimage sites to explore.

Prices include all permits for the Rolwaling Valley

Porters carry your kit bag, so you only need carry a day pack

The Rolwaling Valley Trek is suitable for keen walkers/trekkers who are able to walk for 5 - 6 hours in a day, with a light rucksack. 

If you wish to discuss any aspect of the trek or your suitability for it, please contact us