Meet our Students...

Nima is 19 years old and originally from Rolwaling but his mother now lives in Kathmandu. He loves learning and speaking English and aims to become a chef and live in America.

Mingma Tamang is 15 years old and from Simigaun village where his family are goat farmers.

Nim Pasang is 14 years old and loves to play volley ball. His family live in Simigaun, a one day trek from the school.

Phurba Tamang is 17 years old and is known for his great sense of humour despite being a dedicated student.

Darita is 12 years old from Simigoan. His father is very sick, leaving his mother to burden the responsibility of providing for the family. She struggles to support the family by working as a porter. Darita join Rolwaling school in March 2015.

Dundup is from Lamabagar, a village close to the Tibet-Nepal border. Sadly, his mother passed away last year following an accident whilst carrying a load as a porter. His father is a cattle herder who now has sole responsibility to care for him and his sister. He has been at the school since 2012 and enjoys playing the rolmo and gyaling, traditional tibetan instruments

Ngawang Tempa Sherpa is 18 and the tallest in the school. He really enjoys English and excels at Tibetan though can be quite shy at times. He loves playing Volleyball after school.

Ngawang is from Simigaun village. The youngest of three siblings, he has been in Rolwaling since 2012 and loves to play badminton.

Buddhi is from Simigoan village. More to follow....

Lhakpa is 15 and from Dokgang village. More to follow...

Binod is 15 years old from Lakuri village where is family including 3 brothers and 5 sisters live. His family situation is very difficult with his mother as his sole carer.

Rolwaling Sangag Choling Monastery School

Pur Nyinma is 17 years old and from Tesinam. He loves to play the guitar.

In rural mountainous areas of Nepal such as Rolwaling, many children are sadly deprived of a crucial and empowering education. Ngawang Lapsam Rinpoche (head lama of Rolwaling) was inspired to address this problem by establishing our free school following a special philosophy which aims to provide a quality education covering general academia and life skills alongside a traditional buddhist education.

Starting with six children and one teacher in 2010, our school now successfully educates twenty children from poor families across the Dolakha district in Nepal at primary school level, as well as providing free accommodation, meals, medical care, clothing and other needs for its students who all live at the school full time.

Many of these children weren't receiving an education prior to enrolling in the school, instead having to work in the fields to help their parents afford their upkeep. The school is government registered so students can continue their education at higher level once they leave our school if they wish.

We are currently managing our running costs using Nepalese Government support, donations from the villagers and some other sponsors. However, these funds are not enough to cover it all, creating a continual struggle to provide free education for our students.

Incredible support from various organisations has allowed our original school building to undergo repairs to fix damage from the 2015 earthquakes and a new hostel and dining hall to be built to house the students and staff who were previously needing to sleep on classroom floors. 

Would you like to help? Here are ways you can support our school...

Volunteering - We are looking for fluent English speakers to help teach English at our school.

Rolwaling School Supporters Fund - more info to come
Prayer Flag Sponsorship - more info to come
Buddhist Retreats - making a donation to complete a retreat in Rolwaling supports our school

Mingmar is 17 years old from Lamabagar, close to the Tibet-Nepal border.  His family are farmers but must also work as porters to earn enough to look after their family. He has attended the school since 2012 where he enjoys learning how to make tormas (ritual cakes prepared from use in buddhist prayer ceremonies)

Please note, despite current students all being boys, the school is also open to girls. The school committee is actively encouraging girls to attend but face strong cultural barriers, particularly as the girls will need to live away from home. However, the school remains committed to helping girls receive a free education and the new hostel will help this happen.

Ang Nyima Sherpa is 13 years old and speaks excellent English and enjoys learning Tibetan as well. He loves to play volleyball and would like to be a farmer when he's older.

Sunil is 17 years old and from Lakuri village in Dolaka. With a large family of farmers he previously spent most of his time helping in the fields instead of attending school. Sunil has been living at the school since 2012 where he enjoys learning the traditional mask dance and playing the thungmar (traditional instrument made from a conch shell).

Tenzing is 15 years old. More to follow...

Parcha is 17 years old. Sadly, his father passed away leaving his mother in a very difficult financial situation. Despite his difficulties he is known for his great sense humour.  He has attended the school since 2012 where he very good academically and loves to play the sang-dung (a traditional instrument).

Mingma is a 17 year old from Rolwaling, an area which he loves and much prefers to the city. He has been attending the Rolwaling Sangag Choling Monastery School since 2010. He excels at Tibetan and English and his favourite activities at school are learning the traditional tibetan mask dark and playing the gyaling (traditional flute)