Rolwaling Committee members are currently working hard on making pilgrimage sites and retreat facilities available with some now ready for use. 

These facilities range from places where you can be highly supported staying within a local community, to those of varying degrees of seclusion (up to a three 3 hour walk from the closest village).

For further information about completing retreat in Rolwaling please see our Retreat Information Pack including descriptions of places that can be used and times of year suitable for retreat.

​If you are interested in doing a retreat in Rolwaling please complete our retreat application form to register your interest.

It is very important you complete this form honestly and clearly as doing a self-supporting retreat in a mountain environment can be very challenging and therefore potentially harmful if you are not in the right frame of mind at the time or are lacking retreat experience. Letting us know these details will help us communicate with you to decide if you are ready to complete this type of retreat.

Buddhist Retreats