Rolwaling Sangag Choling Monastery

Built in 2016, the latest renovation of the Rolwaling Sangag Choling Monastery has created a wonderful monastery complex with a gompa, prayer wheel room, protector house, community kitchen and dining hall. With a history of over nine generations, this renovation will preserve the area's cultural and religious significance for many generations to come.

As a community-centered monastery, it is the only place in the valley providing daily prayers, offerings, pujas, retreats, Buddhist teachings, death and dying services, and community events for lay students and ordained Sangha (which can serve up to 300 people at once).

The previous gompa was in very poor condition (no renovation since 1957) prior to the 2015 earthquakes which considerably worsened the damage. It is most precious to the local community, many of whom requested it was saved before their homes were rebuilt. 

Incredible hard work and dedication of local organisations and individual people alongside generous sponsorship from outside donors and local villagers enabled the renovation to go ahead. The result has far surpassed the community's hopes and dreams of what might have been possible. 

The new gompa is a wonderful mix of new and old, with a new exterior housing the original wall paintings, statues and scriptures, internal wooden pillars and altar from the previous gompa. 

This new monastery will stand at the heart of the community, providing all services outlined above as well as acting as a place for pilgrimage and retreat for visiting buddhists.