Beding to Na

Urgyen Dubkhang , the Meditation Cave of Guru Rinpoche

Thrones (rocks) of Guru Rinpoche and Khandro Yeshe Tshogyal.

'Chag go nasa’ - a rock with the Imprints of the Karmapa's Head, Knees and Hands

Ah rangjung ("rangzen"), the Self-arisen Syllable Ah

After entering Beyul Rowaling through the western path, about one hour's walk past the Dzamdar Gora one can see the Ah rangjung on a rock. It is situated by the main trail in Zhablug or Syapluk, a winter settlement. This is a syllable Ah in the umed Tibetan script that was introduced by Thonmi Sambhota, a minister of king Songtsen Gampo of Tibet in 7th century. 

Gaurishankar mountain

Chenrezig Rangjung: Self arisen image of Chenrezig

Dzambhala Rangjung: Self arisen Dzambhala

Hayagriva & Dorje Phagmo mountains


Buddhist Pilgrimage

With so many amazing buddhist sites in Rolwaling waiting to be visited the Committee are working hard to start some wonderful pilgrimages through the area to allow people to benefit from this incredible valley as much as possible. We hope profit from these will be donated to social projects in the area. Please check out the sites that can be visited below and keep an eye on this page for further updates.

​We hope to meet you soon!

Above Na

Ome Tsho: Tsheringma's Lake
Ösel Phug: Milarepa's Clear Light Cave

Rolwaling Sangag Chöling Monastery (Beding Gompa)

Founded by the first inhabitants of the valley this is the main monastery of Beyul Khandro Rolwaling. The name Sang-ngag Chöling was given by Dzatrul Ngawang Tenzing Norbu (1867-1940) of Dza Rongphu Monastery in Tibet, who also wrote the chayig or chart of regulations for the gompa. 

It is central to the buddhist culture and spirituality of the area.


Pema Chöling Monastery (Na Gompa)

Rolwaling Pilgrimage Sites

The Footprint of Guru Rinpoche

At around 10 meters from the Ah rangjung is the footprint of Guru Rinpoche on a rock above the mail trail. Guru Rinpoche left footprints and handprints wherever he visited. This footprint is one of the imprints left by him while visiting Beyul Khandro Rolwaling. 

Kephur Tshamkang - The Kephur Hermitage above Beding

Karmapa Cave